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Where may I find a copy of the GPA TEKS?

What are the GPA courses?

  • Principles of Government & Public Administration
  • Political Science I
  • Political Science II
  • Revenue, Taxation and Regulation
  • Public Management and Administration
  • Planning & Governance
  • National Security
  • Foreign Service and Diplomacy
  • Practicum in Local State and Federal Government

What curriculum resources are available for GPA teachers?

What is a coherent sequence of courses?

A coherent sequence of courses is a sequence of CTE courses (two or more CTE courses for three or more credits) focused on developing occupational knowledge and skills.

The courses in a sequence are not required to be from the same cluster. Courses selected as part of a coherent sequence can be customized based on the courses offered on the local campus, and personal or career goals. A coherent sequence of courses enhances a student’s college and career readiness.

All coherent sequences of courses in this cluster begin with the Principles of Government and Public Administration. The sequence of courses offered at a school district is a local decision and is dependent upon the teacher’s area of expertise. Districts have the flexibility of developing a coherent sequence of courses based on local need and available electives. Courses from other clusters can be combined with the Government and Public Administration courses to create a coherent sequence of courses. A coherent sequence of courses is individualized for every student.

The GPA Flowchart may be viewed here: http://ritter.tea.state.tx.us/teks/cte/sequences/GPA.pdf.

What is a Scope and Sequence document?

A team of teachers for this cluster took the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and arranged them in a sequence that seemed logical for teaching. The first column is the unit of study. The main topic areas are listed in order. The second column is the knowledge and skills statements. Next are the student expectations for each knowledge and skill statement. Listed at the end of the scope and sequence document are resources appropriate to the course. The list contains currently adopted State Board of Education (SBOE) textbooks. Other resources listed are those available from state or federal agencies. The list may also include resources available from universities, non-profit agencies, or professional associations.

Where can I find the GPA Scope and Sequence documents?

What is a Program of Study document?

A program of study may be adopted by a local education agency and a postsecondary institution, and offered as an option to students when planning for and completing future coursework for CTE content areas that

  • Incorporate secondary education and postsecondary education elements.
  • Include coherent and rigorous content aligned with challenging academic standards and relevant CTE content in a coordinated, non-duplicative progression of courses that align secondary education with postsecondary education to adequately prepare.
  • May include the opportunity for secondary education students to participate in dual or concurrent enrollment programs or other ways to acquire postsecondary education credits.
  • Lead to an industry-recognized credential or certificate at the postsecondary level, or to an associate or baccalaureate degree [PL 109-270. Sec 122(c)(1)].

Where can I find the GPA Programs of Study documents?

Are there GPA state adopted textbooks?

Your textbook coordinator has a crosswalk explaining where books that were adopted before are placed with the new TEKS. Currently, there are not any new adopted books for the Government and Public Administration Career Cluster. However there are additional GPA resources available.

Where may I find more information about teacher qualifications?

Where may I find information about student industry certification and licensure?

Who may use the lessons posted on cte.unt.edu/government?

These materials are copyrighted © and trademarked ™ as the property of the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and may not be reproduced without the express written permission of TEA, except under the following conditions:

  1. Texas public school districts, charter schools, and Education Service Centers may reproduce and use copies of the Materials and Related Materials for the districts' and schools' educational use without obtaining permission from TEA.
  2. Residents of the state of Texas may reproduce and use copies of the Materials and Related Materials for individual personal use only, without obtaining written permission of TEA.
  3. Any portion reproduced must be reproduced in its entirety and remain unedited, unaltered and unchanged in any way.
  4. No monetary charge can be made for the reproduced materials or any document containing them; however, a reasonable charge to cover only the cost of reproduction and distribution may be charged.

Private entities or persons located in Texas that are not Texas public school districts, Texas Education Service Centers, or Texas charter schools or any entity, whether public or private, educational or non-educational, located outside the state of Texas MUST obtain written approval from TEA and will be required to enter into a license agreement that may involve the payment of a licensing fee or a royalty.

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