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Classroom Basics

Program Evaluation

   Trade & Industrial Education Program Evaluation

Teacher Tips / Tutorials

   PowerPoint Basics

Rubrics for Teachers

Sites for Teachers

Instructional Theory

   Multiple Intelligences Overview
   Developing Goals and Objectives
   Incorporating Emotional Intelligence into the Classroom
Walter McKinzie's Multiple Intelligences

Employability Skills

   Employability Skills Overview
   Employability Skills Resources

Working with the Community

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Involving Community
Involving Students

Classroom / Lab Safety

   Providing a Safe Teaching and Learning Environment: A Health and Safety Resource for Pennsylvania Career and Technical Educators 

Creating Board Policies for Student Use of the Internet

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Safe Schools
Conflict Prevention and Mediation

Using Instructional Media / Technology in the Classroom

Tips for Using Instructional Video and Public Television Programming in the Classroom

Instructional Methods and Instructional Media

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Integrating Technology
Vocational and Technical

Classroom Practices

   Ten Tips When Facilitating Discussion
   Lecture Bingo
   Ten Suggestions for Improving Lectures
   Questioning Strategies
   The Underachiever: What YOU can do
   Effective Introduction Strategies
   Ten Methods to Get Participation at Any Time
   Ten Strategies for Forming Groups
   Roundtable and Round Robin
   Cooperative Grouping Strategies for Classroom Teachers
   50 Tips on Motivating Students

Teacher Resources

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Classroom Related
Assessment Information

Classroom Management / Discipline

The Honor Level System
11 Techniques for Better Classroom Discipline
Techniques that Backfire
Stages of Discipline
4 Steps for Better Classroom Discipline
Proactive Discipline

Discipline in the Classroom

Classroom Management: Rules are in. So is independent thinking.

Instructional Planning

   Model Lesson Plan
Lesson Plans Page

Career Clusters

   Career Clusters/Pathways - Introductory PowerPoint Slides
   Career Clusters- A Basic Overview  

News & Updates

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