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Professional Development

A "best practice" is a technique or methodology that, through experience and research, has proven to have a reliable and successful result.  The term is used frequently in the fields of education, health care, government administration, and management.  A commitment to using the best practices in any field is a commitment to using all the knowledge bases and procedures that will ensure success.  Each professional development topic included in this section is a "best practice" in education with strong research and experience behind it to ensure success for both teachers and students.

Professional Development (Best Practices Modules) by Cluster:


Working with your Counselor

Best Practice Videos  

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A number of the professional development modules distributed throughout the cluster designations, use Dr. Robert J. Marzano's research and publications as source material. Click here to access the Marzano Research Laboratory web site.

Tools to use with professional development topics
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Most of the topics are located within each cluster section. Click the links in the navigation area to the left to access these modules. Be sure to explore each cluster's professional development modules as most of them are applicable to all cluster areas.

2011 Summer Conference Presentations

PPT icon Effective Assessment Tools for STEM

PPT icon Tools for Teaching

PPT icon Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

PPT icon New BIM I and BIM II Lessons

PPT icon Integrating Academic – CTE - Workforce

PPT icon Soft Skills for a Tough Workforce

PPT icon UNT Health Science Grant Update

PPT icon Making the Health Science TEKS Come Alive in Your Classroom

General Application Modules

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
Emotional Intelligence: What's New, What's True – Improving EQ with Behavioral Style: TRACOM recently held two webinars on Emotional Intelligence with HR.com and Talent Management.  An on-demand version of the webinar is available to watch at your convenience.  Your investment of 60 minutes will show:
  • Why Emotional Intelligence Matters
  • The Business Case for Emotional Intelligence
  • Can Emotional Intelligence be Learned
  • Improving Emotional Intelligence with Behavioral Styles
  • Bringing Emotional Intelligence into the Workplace
Brain-based Learning
This three-part PowerPoint presentation idenitfies the role of the brain in the learning process, influences on the brain's learnng process, and strategies to use for learning as it relates to school work.
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Part 1: Role of the Brain in the Learning Process
pdf icon Presentation pdf icon Script
Part 2: Influences on the Brain's Learning Process
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Part 3: Learning Strategies for School
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Consequences of Rules and Procedures
This presentation is an outline summary of Chapter 7 from The Art and Science of Teaching by Robert Marzano. It provides action steps that a teacher should take in order to provide the right consequences to student behavior. The presentation is supplemented with a variety of input from other authors and educators.
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Establishing Classroom Rules and Procedures
This presentation is an outline summary of Chapter 6 from The Art and Science of Teaching by Robert Marzano. It identifies proven techniques for developing classroom rules and procedures and provides examples for the CTE teacher. The presentation is also supplemented with a variety of input from other authors and educators.
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Dropout Prevention: A Practice Guide
This presentation is a summary of the Institute of Education's publication of the same name by Dynarski (2008) and presents six strategies that will help students stay in school. This presentation is appropriate for administraors, teachers, parents, and in many cases, for students.
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Working With Your Counselor
This 6-part video identifies ways to involve your counselor in your program, lists precautions to take when counseling students, explains how to report child abuse and how parents typically respond when a report is made. Click here to view the videos.
Education for the Homeless
Education for the homeless has existed for many years; however, most have not been aware of our vast and increasing numbers of homeless students in our schools. This module will raise your awareness on this topic.
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How to Be An Effective Teacher
Adapted from How to be an effective teacher: The first days of school, Harry K. Wong and Rosemary K. Wong.
ppt icon Chapter 1: How to Suceed on the First Day of School ppt icon Chapter 2: What is An Effective Teacher?
ppt icon Chapter 3: How You Can Be A Happy First Year Teacher ppt icon Chapter 4: Why Positive Expectations are Important
ppt icon Chapter 5: How to Help All Students Succeed  

Best Practice Videos

Teachers Talk from the Heart (Direct Link)

Panel Discussion: A panel of CTE teachers from the Amarillo Area Center for Advanced Learning share good hearted experiences and advice for new teachers. Note: This is not a classroom activity.


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