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Cooperative Learning
Cooperative learning allows students to engage in an interactive approach to learning and processing information. This approach allows students to retain subject matter longer and has proven to have an increase in academic achievement.
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All About DECA:How to Organize Your DECA Chapter
All About DECA - How to Organize Your DECA Chapter is a teaching aid for beginning teachers to assist them in organizing their DECA chapter. This presentation will also help them identify ways to integrate the leadership and competitive event components of DECA into the classroom curriculum.
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Just-in-Time: Internet Based Curriculum Enhancement
Just-in-Time Internet Based Curriculum Enhancement is a series of teaching aids for both the marketing and business teacher. Featured topics in this presentation include the latest information about the ever-changing world of advertising:  digital products, newspaper advertising updates, the latest research on demographics and how it is used in advertising, advertising rates, and a list of web resources for marketing and advertising.
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Just-in-Time: Internet Based Curriculum: RFID - Radio Frequency Identification
A small microchip that was supposed to revolutionize distribution, logistics and inventory control has done just that and so much more. Check out the current use of RFID technology in manufacturing and retailing and the tracking of goods as well as it current use in many other industries and the potential future expansion for this amazing technology.
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Soft Skills for a Tough Workforce
Defining "soft skills" because they are required in our TEKS aren't always defined in the detail that allows us to get it.  We're told to do them, but not told how.  We will find them within our TEKS.  We will figure out why we don't teach them very often, and why we should.  This module gives you real examples of how to consider way to add soft skills into your lesson plans.
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Storytelling has a place in translating the TEKS principles and theories and relating them to our students on a very realistic, relatable, and emotional level. By using cleverly timed stories, we are reaching students in a way that reading a text or even using a computer cannot do. We are making the lessons human.
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Making the Most of Brainstorming
Brainstorming is a group creativity technique by which a group tries to find a solution for a specific problem by gathering a list of ideas spontaneously contributed by its members. This presentation expands upon a basic knowledge of brainstorming. Activities within the module include brainstorming techniques, technology and brainstorming, the 4MAT process, and developing a brainstorming session.
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Data Mining
Managers of companies and corporations are indicating that they are drowning in data while, at the same time, are starving for useful information. Locating that useful information is the "mining" process. It's looking for gems in the midst of everything else.
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