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El Paso ISD, Center for Career and Technology Education

Travis Hamilton at the Career and Technology Center in El Paso ISD gives a demonstration lesson, "Making a RJ-45 cable." Host: Travis Hamilton, Networking and Security Instructor
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Students participate in a after-school, work-study program designed to prepare them for careers in IT, including networking, computer repair, software and troubleshooting. Hosts: David Romaka, CTE District Counselor; Eric Winkelman, CTE Director
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Best Practices in Action: Computer Maintenance

In this video, two different computer maintenance programs are highlighted. Though from very different districts, both teachers (Donita Powell and Josh Currie) demonstrate excellence in teaching.


Best Practices Modules

Anticipation Guides: Reading Strategy
Anticipation guides are used to introduce reading activities and create motivation. Using similar strategies such as "Think-Pair-Share," the anticipation guide draws students into the reading activity and focuses their attention on important points.
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Helping Students Deepen Understanding of New Knowledge
Viewers of this module will be able to: Help students practice and deepen their understanding of new knowledge, distinguish between declarative and procedural knowledge, iIdentify three types of schema development, and recognize the significance of homework, cooperative groups, and revision activities.
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Goals, Progress, Success!
Learning to establish and communicate learning goals, track student progress, and celebrate success. Upon completion of this module, viewers will understand the importance of: establishing and communicating learning goals, tracking student progress and celebrating student success.
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Incorporating CTSOs Into Classroom Instruction
The field of Information Technology is comprised of careers seen in virtually every sector of our economy. These careers can be extremely challenging due to the fact that they are constantly changing and updating. The purpose of this podcast is to encourage you to help students enhance their skills and traits by incorporating the ideas and goals of career and technical student organizations into classroom instruction.
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An IT Teacher’s New Best Friend:  Interactive Whiteboards
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From BIMM to DIM: One Teacher's Perspective
TCEC 2010 presentation by Shelly Steele and Holly B. Smith. Discover how the newly designed DIM TEKS' have changed and gain access to lesson plans with layered curriculum as well as student examples of class projects that will challenge your DIM class as well as teach to many of the DIM TEKS.
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Photoshop Tutorial Materials (zip icon indicates a zip file format)
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Using Online Discussion as a Teaching Strategy
Online discussion is a relatively new teaching strategy. It is, in simple terms, moving your classroom discussion to the Internet. This module provides an overview for migrating class discussions to an online format.
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Project Based Learning
Project-based learning is an effective instructional strategy that connects learned knowledge and newly acquired skills to real world situations. Through independent, self-directed study students research a topic or problem by practicing 21st century skills such as critical thinking, analysis, and synthesis. These projects promote rigor and relevance, and have many benefits to the study. As you will see later in this module, benefits also exist for the school and the community.
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Students With Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Information Technology

Module I: Who Are ADHD Students?
Module 2: Common Learning and Behavioral Issues of Students With ADHD
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Module 3: Collaboration with Special Education Staff Accommodations and Modifications, Behavior and Transition Plans for Students with ADHD
Module 4: Teaching Strategies and Resources for Students with ADHD
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