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Health Science Service Learning (Presentation with Videos)Service learning is powerful, especially for Health Science. This presentation visits the Amarillo Area Center for Advanced Learning as Rena' Kuehler presents Health Science Service Learning. Note: File is large (1.17 GB)   Health Science Service Learning

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The Learning Technologies Department at the University of North Texas offers the following professional development opportunities:

  • HOSA 101 - Leadership Practices in HSTE
  • HOSA 102 - Effective Use of Technology
  • HOSA 103 - Competitive Events as Instructional Tools
  • HOSA 104 - Developing Effective HOSA Partnerships
  • HOSA 105 - Emergency Preparedness
  • Career Prep: An Introduction
  • Problem Based Learning
  • Starting an Advisory Committee
  • Curriculum Integration

Tools to use with professional development topics:

Best Practices in Action

Watch a demonstration of best practices in the classroom at the Amarillo Area Center for Advanced Learning.

Cash for Critters (Direct Link)

Community Service/Fundraising: The Pre-Vet class at LaGrone Advanced Technology Complex in Denton, TX takes on the challenge to help the new Denton Animal Shelter with much needed supplies. Carrie Sisco leads you through the steps of fundraising within a school system.


Best Practices Modules

Students With Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Health Sciences

Module I: Who Are ADHD Students?
Module II: Common Learning and Behavioral Issues of Students with ADHD
pdf Presentation Presentation
Module 3: Collaboration with Special Education Staff, Accommodations and Modifications, Behavior and Transition Plans for Students with ADHD
Module 4: Teaching Strategies and Resources for Students with ADHD
pdf Presentation pdf Presentation
Career Prep: An Introduction
Career Prep experiences connect knowledge and skills obtained in the classroom to those needed outside the classroom. Through this module, you will receive an overview of Career Prep, understand the benefits of Career Prep, and identify the types of Career Prep.
ppt Presentation pdf Supporting documents
Advisory Committees: Helping Students Succeed
An advisory committee may be the most effective way to develop and strengthen partnerships between education and business and industry.  This module will provide you with important information and resources to begin an advisory committee for your Health Science program.
ppt Presentation pdf Supporting documents
HOSA 105 Emergency Preparedness
The purpose of HOSA 105 is to help the local HOSA advisor take an active role in preparing HOSA chapter members to use their knowledge and skills to help others – as responsible citizens, first responders, and members of the medical reserve corps. Our hope is that this course will help you, the local advisor, understand more about emergency preparedness outside the hospital walls, and implement strategies that directly impact student learning.
pdf Presentation
HOSA 106 Strategies For Emergency Preparedness: Competitive Events
The purpose of HOSA 106 is to help the local HOSA advisor become more knowledgeable with the Emergency Preparedness Events, specifically, the newest three (3) competitive events.
pdf Presentation
Problem Based Learning
Problem based learning consists of carefully designed problems that challenge students to use critical thinking, self-directed learning strategies, team participation skills, research techniques, and disciplinary knowledge. This module provides an overview of the process of problem-based learning as well as an example problem for Health Science instructors. A self-checklist is also available to assist with planning and conducting problem-based learning.
mp3 icon Podcast pdf Supporting documents
Cooperative Learning
Cooperative Learning or grouping strategies are very well suited to classes in Health Science. The following objectives are be covered in this module: discover the elements of cooperative learning, learn how students can successfully learn in cooperative groups, and identify how to implement cooperative learning in the classroom.
pdf Presentation
This module explores how to enhance health science students' understanding of and ability to use knowledge by engaging them in mental processes that involve making and testing hypotheses.
pdf Presentation
Mental Set: Effective Classroom Management
It is important to understand why effective classroom management is beneficial to students – to be able to get the big picture. Classroom management is when teachers use the appropriate strategies to create order in their classrooms and an environment conducive to learning. Where you find classrooms managed effectively, you will also find a higher level of student involvement and a lower level of student misbehavior.
pdf Presentation
Service Learning
This presentation will provide a general overview of effective service-learning programs for Health Science teachers.
pdf Presentation


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