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Best Practices Modules

My Dollar Bill
This presentation includes a lesson plan on Powerpoint, a classroom activity, a grading rubric, and a quiz with answer key that incorporate the three basic learning styles.
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Yes! Your CTE Classroom Blog Will Work
Blogging is moving quickly from an exclusively social media tool to something any CTE teacher can incorporate into their curriculum, and frankly, every CTE teacher should try. This presentation covers: the definition of a blog; Discover what a classroom blog should be (and shouldn’t be); Identify the benefits of a blog; Discuss safety issues that every teacher should know about when using a classroom blog; Select the format for your blog; And, most importantly, understand why a CTE blog will work.
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Finance Jobs Guide for the Texas Finance Student
Explore finance positions/careers which are primarily entry-level (upon graduation from high school or college), including educational and wage requirements, and coherent sequence options.  Students will consider annual salaries of finance jobs in the state of Texas by region.  Students will consider portability of these jobs outside the state of Texas, and students will be able to extend learning by examining content on related websites.
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Learning Styles
This presentation outlines the basic three ways in which your students learn and offers tips and resources to prepare the classroom to meet the needs of each group.
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Soft Skills for a Tough Workforce
Defining “soft skills” because they are required in our TEKS aren’t always defined in the detail that allows us to get it. We’re told to do them, but not told how. We will find them within our TEKS. We will figure out why we don’t teach them very often, and why we should. This module gives you real examples of how to consider way to add soft skills into your lesson plans.
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Storytelling has a place in translating the TEKS principles and theories and relating them to our students on a very realistic, relatable, and emotional level. By using cleverly timed stories, we are reaching students in a way that reading a text or even using a computer cannot do. We are making the lessons human.
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