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Students With Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in AAVTC

Module I: Who Are ADHD Students?
Module 2: Common Learning and Behavioral Issues of Students With ADHD
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Module 3: Collaboration with Special Education Staff, Accommodactions and Modifications, Behavior and Transition Plans for Students with ADHD. Module 4: Teaching Strategies and Resources for Students with ADHD  
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Using Objectives to Evaluate Learning Effectively
Evaluation is a critical component in the learning process, yet most people in the educational system – teachers and students – don’t have a firm understanding of what the term evaluation means, how evaluation relates to the overarching umbrella of assessment, or how student learning should be evaluated.
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Copyright: Is it Yours?
copyright logoEveryone needs to be aware of the copyright laws and the need to abide by them. Educators are often held to a higher standard of ethical behavior than others because of their influence on students. As such, educators must know the law and be able to follow the best practices of fair use. This module will help you become more aware of copyright laws and how they affect educators.
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Providing Feedback to Students in the Classroom
feddback iconFeedback is defined as the "process of sharing observations, concerns and suggestions between persons or divisions of the organization with an intention of improving both personal and organizational performance.” Providing feedback to learners is a highly generalizable strategy that can be applied in any learning situation. This topic will help you improve the feedback techniques you and your students use in the classroom.
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Rewriting the Script for Discipline in the Classroom: The Student’s Responsibility for Management
When it comes to discipline in schools, education systems are resistant to change. Yes, we have pretty much eliminated corporal punishment from schools, but what have we replaced it with: timeouts and in-school suspensions? Remove problem students from the classroom and that will solve all of our problems, right? But this solution doesn’t help the problem student much. We need to rethink the way we address classroom management. Grab your red pen; the script for discipline in the classroom needs a complete rewrite!
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Classroom Management: Teacher-Student Relationships
Whenever the discussion of classroom management comes up, several other topics come up as well: we probably think most about rules and discipline. Another, less obvious topic focuses on classroom awareness. These are all good considerations when it comes to designing a quality classroom management plan, but teacher-student relationships might be the most important consideration for teachers. It could be argued that the teacher-student relationship is the keystone to classroom management because without a proper relationship the other areas become more difficult, if not impossible, to manage. The stronger the teacher-student relationship, the more students accept rules, and the rewards and consequences associated with them.
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Engaging (and Entertaining) Students in Learning
Do you sometimes feel like an entertainer rather than a teacher? In today’s fast-paced society it is hard for classroom teachers to compete with the latest technological gadgets. Yet, that is what teachers must do...capture students’ attention even if it means doing a little tap dancing and singing along the way. This module provides some strategies for engaging students in learning. So, put on your dancing shoes and let’s cut footloose!
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Making the Mark: Communicating High Expectations for All Students
Think back on your school experiences. Did you ever feel like you just couldn’t do things right in certain classes? Or, regardless of your effort, did you ever feel you just couldn’t win with certain teachers? Your feelings may have been more intuitively accurate than you were allowed or encouraged to believe.
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Best Practice Videos

A/V Production

Create a Headband (Direct Link)

Project Learning: This video presents the project learning strategy as students at King High School in Corpus Christi work in teams to design and create their own headband from donated tapestry materials. Students demonstrate their creativity with this green project.

The Makeover (Direct Link)

Project Learning: Led by Fashion Design teacher Valerie Elizondo, this video shows a Fashion Design class working together to do a makeover of a teacher at their school. This fun strategy has students applying principles they had learned to a real life situation.


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