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Professional Development

Best Practices for Administrators

Tools to use with professional development topics:

Teaching Without a Textbook
The goal of the workshop is to present alternatives to the traditional textbook as doable resources and learning experiences that will easily fit into lesson planning. The section on documenting new media is meant to offer a resource for giving class blogs, wikis, and web pages a larger role as part of classroom curriculum and to demonstrate how they meet state standards and other criteria. Teaching Without a Textbook is designed to be interactive and collaborative, with opportunities for teachers to share their experiences in the classroom. Discussion and sharing of resources, tips, and learning experiences is encouraged.
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Using Social Media Technologies in the CTE Classroom
This 3 hour professional development training module is designed for teachers and administrators to present. It is complete with Facilitator Guide, Participant Guide, and slide presentation. After completing the workshop, participants will be able to identify various forms of Social Media Technologies, explain the ways of using Social Media Technologies in the classroom, and apply the concepts learned in your classroom.
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Qualities of Leadership Development
Upon completion of this course, the participants will learn the differences between leadership and management, qualities of leadership that contribute to organizational and personal success, and behaviors of leadership that achieve results.
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Teaching Green
Teaching Green is a 4-hour professional development workshop designed to acquaint Career and Technical Education (CTE) teachers and administrators with issues, and teaching strategies involved in environmental education.
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Making the Most of Brainstorming
Brainstorming is a group creativity technique by which a group tries to find a solution for a specific problem by gathering a list of ideas spontaneously contributed by its members. This presentation expands upon a basic knowledge of brainstorming. Activities within the module include brainstorming techniques, technology and brainstorming, the 4MAT process, and developing a brainstorming session.
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Storytelling has a place in translating the TEKS principles and theories and relating them to our students on a very realistic, relatable, and emotional level. By using cleverly timed stories, we are reaching students in a way that reading a text or even using a computer cannot do. We are making the lessons human.
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Data Mining
Managers of companies and corporations are indicating that they are drowning in data while, at the same time, are starving for useful information. Locating that useful information is the “mining” process. It’s looking for gems in the midst of everything else.
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Personal Learning Network
With the evolution of online tools, it is important to have a consistent network of learning resources. This professional development module guides you through the history of personal learning networks, creating your own personal learning network, and other resources to improve your personal learning network.
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Basic CTE Classroom Websites
This 1.5 hour workshop teaches participants to identify reasons to create classroom websites, explain ways to use, identify common elements, and be able to apply the concepts learned to create your own classroom website.
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Advanced CTE Classroom Websites
This 1.5 hour workshop teaches participants how to leverage classroom websites to enhance student learning, explain higher order learning components used in web sites and identify ways to implement and develop your own classroom website.
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