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CTE Teacher Competencies

As a result of various federal, state, and local educational reforms, changes in work preparation programs require that career and technical education teachers are competent in:

  1. Serving diverse student populations
  2. Providing for career awareness, career exploration, and career guidance
  3. Developing or revising curriculum materials to meet business and industry standards
  4. Implementing new learning strategies that require students to construct personal meaning out of what they learn
  5. Guiding students through interactive learning activities until they reach a satisfactory level of performance
  6. Implementing alternative assessment strategies
  7. Collaborating with employers, employees, community leaders, and social service organizations
  8. Participating in Tech Prep initiatives to build bridges for students to continue their education in postsecondary institutions
  9. Participating in work-based education programs
  10. Meeting requirements to have industry certified programs
  11. Working with academic teachers to integrate academic and work preparation skills
  12. Providing an early orientation to work and family life
  13. Advising career and technical student organizations
  14. Implementing a variety of teaching strategies so all students can learn
  15. Utilizing educational technology in the classroom to make learning more interesting and meaningful
  16. Connecting the classroom and lab with the rest of the world through distance learning and the applications of technology

(p. 77)

Reference: Scott, J. L., & Sarkees-Wircenski, M. (2004). Overview of Career and Technical Education (3rd ed.). Homewood, IL: American Technical.

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