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CTE Program Levels

Secondary level career and technical education instruction consists of classroom teachings, laboratory applications, supervised work experience, and career and technical student organization activities and offers real-life experiences that reinforce the learned skills (p. 8). Secondary level career and technical education courses include the category of general labor market preparation and specific labor market preparation. Programs of technology, family and consumer sciences, general work experience, computers and others represent general labor market preparation (p. 25). Specific labor market preparation consists of agriculture and renewable sources, business, health care, marketing, trade and industry, technology and communications, personal and other services, food services and hospitality, and child care education (p.7).

Postsecondary career and technical education instruction is provided at public as well as private institutions offering educational programs that lead to an associate degree, a diploma, an occupational certificate, continuing education programs, or economic development programs using a blend of classroom and laboratory instruction and may include computerized, self-paced instruction and web-based courses (p. 20-21).

Reference: Scott, J. L., & Sarkees-Wircenski, M. (2004). Overview of Career and Technical Education (3rd ed.). Homewood, IL: American Technical.

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