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CTE Administrators

Administrators and national leaders such as state CTE directors, superintendants, principals, etc. engage in the following functions:

  1. Interpret the results and regulations of federal legislation and create plans for career and technical education programs
  2. Prepare budgets and manage federal and state funds
  3. Provide leadership for CTE programs and support teachers
  4. Manage basic career and technical programs (marketing, health occupations, etc.)
  5. Develop and manage special initiatives such as Career Guidance, Tech Prep, etc.
  6. Develop and disseminate curriculum materials
  7. Oversee CTE student organizations
  8. Provide directories of CTE personnel
  9. Sponsor state staff development activities
  10. Assist colleges, universities, and local schools with teacher training
  11. Evaluate local CTE programs
  12. Recruit and retain CTE teachers
  13. Improve the image of CTE among students, parents, community leaders
  14. Establish partnerships with business and industry as well as secondary and postsecondary institutions


Reference: Scott, J. L., & Sarkees-Wircenski, M. (2004). Overview of Career and Technical Education (3rd ed.). Homewood, IL: American Technical.

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